Manual Transmissions

Manual Transmissions & Manual Gearbox Repair



Mackie Automatic & Manual Transmissions has the most skillful technicians and state-of-the-art equipment to handle all of your manual transmission and manual gearbox repairs. We are a fully equipped transmission service and repair center in Glasgow, Scotland that provides transmission repair and remanufacturing for all of the UK. Our skillful technicians don’t just rebuild manual transmissions, they remanufacture manual transmissions to meet or exceed the manufacturer's original condition specifications. We also offer industry-leading warranty coverage that covers up to 3 years of parts and labour.

What Makes Us the Best Manual Transmission & Gearbox Repair Shop in the UK?

  • All of our transmissions are remanufactured in-store to meet or exceed original condition
  • Industry-leading warranty coverage up to a 3 year parts and labour
  • We offer a complete line of transmissions and torque converters for most European and Japanese vehicles
  • We have a comprehensive range of ready-to-ship transmissions and parts

Learn More About Manual Transmissions

The role of any transmission is to prevent the engine from overexertion while transferring its power to the wheels. A manual transmission accomplishes this through different gear combinations that ensure the engine is below it’s ‘redline’ while still producing the greatest amount of torque and horsepower. An engine’s ‘redline’ is the maximum number of revolutions per minute that it can sustain without exploding. In a vehicle with a manual transmission, the driver locks and unlocks sets of gears with the clutch pedal and shifts between them with the gear shift. Our highly trained and experienced technicians will find a solution to any of your transmission troubles. So whether you need a repair, recondition or just want to stay on top of maintenance, bring it Mackie Automatic and Manual Transmissions.